I am a Senior Research Scientist at the Lifespan, Informatics, & Neuroimaging Center, University of Pennsylvania.

My job is primarily organizing, processing, and analyzing large neuroimaging and behavioral datasets using traditional statistics and machine learning. In particular, I maintain the functional brain connectivity preprocessing container, XCP-D, and an analysis toolkit, pennlinckit. I help post-doc and graduate students in the pennlinc lab publish papers, as well as my own projects, mostly on brain development. Our projects can be found here.

Previous experience and education

  • Post-Doc, Bioengineering, Complex Systems Lab (PI: Danielle Bassett), University of Pennsylvania
  • PhD, Systems Neuroscience, University of California, Berkeley (PI: Mark D’Esposito)
  • BA, Philosophy, Psychology, Columbia University (Valedictorian)


  • Python, Bash
  • Network science
  • All types of machine learning, from neural networks to ridge regression, supervised and unsupervised
  • git, in all forms, including datalad
  • Containerized neuroimaging workflows
  • Making pretty figures
  • Writing scientific manuscripts